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Welcome to my story!

My journey to UX Design...

I completed a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Architectural Design together with a Computer Science Minor, and then a Master's Degree of Architecture after working as a Project Manager. Later on, in order to pursue and fulfill my passion for designing and problem-solving in a more efficient and effective way, I decided to pivot my career path from Architecture to UX Design, completing a Diploma of Education in UX Design.

What I leverage as a designer...

Being an aspiring designer, I love to think critically and creatively and systemically, leverage my design work to showcase my thoughts and stories, and exchange for other people's stories so that I can celebrate their happiness and, most importantly, empathize with their frustrations and solve their issues.

Besides, as a previous architecture student, I am experienced in constructing solutions with physical hierarchy and visual enjoyments, which has solidly contributed to my journey switching into design interventions within digital landscapes.

When I am not working...

Outside of work, I dedicate myself to basketball🏀, gym🏃‍, reading📕, cooking🍚 and...hand extreme sport🪀 (Crazy? Nah...). I am always looking for discovering new inspirations and meeting interesting people in my daily life.

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