Welcome to my Journey!

My journey to UX Design...

I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Design with a Minor in Computer Science. Following this, I furthered my academic journey by obtaining a Master's Degree in Architecture after gaining experience as a Project Manager.

Despite this professional background, my passion for efficient and effective design, coupled with a keen interest in problem-solving, led me to make a career switch to UX Design. To solidify this transition, I completed a Diploma of Education in UX Design and successfully kicked off my career as a UX/UI designer.

What I leverage as a designer...

As an aspiring designer, I thrive on thinking both creatively and systematically. I utilize my projects not only to visually express my thoughts and narratives but also to engage with and celebrate the stories of others. A pivotal aspect of my approach is empathizing with their joys and understanding their frustrations, seeking to address and solve the challenges they face.

Furthermore, my expertise lies in crafting solutions that seamlessly blend physical hierarchy with visual delight, a skill set that has significantly propelled my journey of constructing design interventions.

When I am not working...

Beyond designing, I wholeheartedly commit myself to a diverse array of interests. From the exhilaration of basketball🏀 and the discipline of gym workouts🏃 to the immersive escape found in reading📕 and the creative exploration of cooking🍚, my pursuits extend across various facets of life. And for an added dose of adrenaline, I engage in the seemingly unconventional world of hand extreme sports🪀 (because why not embrace a bit of craziness?).

Continuously seeking new inspirations and relishing the opportunity to connect with intriguing individuals, I bring this dynamic enthusiasm into my daily life.