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Flight Club Redesign

Freelance client project

May 2022 (4 days)

UI Design, Branding

Flight Club aims at making aviation more accessible for everyone while reducing costs. Built by co-founders as pilots, it has the ambition of popularizing private flights by sharing the cost of airplanes, reducing maintenance expenses and enabling pilots to fly closer to home.


With the rapid growth of registered users, the company would like to attract more users by enhancing its user experience. I was reached out to help redesign the landing page of Flight Club as a starting point.



What were stakeholders' expectations?

Vividly render the atmosphere of exciting private flights and attract more visitors.

Let users know how the club works by listing free services and payment-required services.

Before getting into the redesign process, I brainstormed some potential business goals for the Flight Club landing page, and then communicated with key stakeholders to verify my assumptions. Eventually, we agreed on the following three key goals:

Briefly and clearly introduce missions and visions of Flight Club so that users feel more confident while registering.

What constraints should I consider?


To keep the functionality of the original site, copywriting of all body texts should be kept intact, while titles may be adjusted to clarify each section if necessary.

As a real-world client project, design constraint is another crucial factor to be considered. After communicating with key stakeholders, the constraints of this single-page redesign project were settled to be focusing on copywriting and branding.


Key stakeholders preferred to keep the original branding, including colors, typefaces and icons, but were also open to revisions on branding colors to see if different colors could improve the visual effect of the site. However, revised branding colors should look as close to existing ones as possible.


How current design failed to achieve sound usability?

Initially, I was provided with the original version of Flight Club landing page. To effectively complete the redesign, I went through the original design and thoroughly analyzed usability issues in the original design.



Iteration 1.0
Redesign with Original Branding

I  decided to start by redesigning with original branding and mainly focused on the information hierarchy of the landing page to make it more intuitive and usable.


Branding Revision

The existing branding colors, blue and yellow, together with the theme of flight, made me think about the fascinating moment every time I took a flight at dawn or dust ---- sitting next to the window where the sunshine touched its frame and looking at the beautiful sky outside.

I grabbed the inspiration from these special moments and quickly curated a moodboard, where new branding colors for the website were abstracted from stock images of flight windows in the warm sunshine and filled with the beautiful sky.


Iteration 2.0
Rebrand and Redesign

A second iteration was made to further solve existing usability issues. Moreover, I attempted to push the envelope and re-imagine the branding to better render the atmosphere of exciting private flight journeys.



What have I learned from the process...

The project is currently on hold due to some technical issues from the client. As a result, I am not able to verify my design decisions with key stakeholders or conduct any usability studies.

However, the redesign process was a precious learning experience regardless. By communicating with stakeholders and working based on their expectations and goals, I learned how to keep a balance between yielding to constraints and pushing the envelope to curate unexpected design effects. 

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