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Marshmallow Studios company project
March 2022 - May 2022
UX Research, UX/UI Design, Responsive Design

LearnActive is a multi-platform web app on mobile and desktop viewports that tackles active sports access limitations with local instructors and affordable learning sessions.


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Active sports, inspiring individuals to break free from their comfort zones and achieve remarkable feats, consistently captivated enthusiasts...

The dilemma...

However, with venues as the only touchpoint for active sports lovers and instructors in most cases, the experience became cumbersome and deficient with limited access between them.

I, together with tech startup Marshmallow Studios, had the ambition to reshape the experience.

What constraints did I encounter?

I had an onboarding meeting with internal key stakeholders, where I got a rough idea about the scope and timeline of the project, as well as limitations including the following 3 items:

Working under a tight schedule, there was not enough time assigned for detailed user interviews and wireframing

The company had limited resources for conducting detailed user interview and usability testing

The development team leaned on web experience a lot in the past but had limited experience in mobile app design

To maximize my design viability under the limitations, I decided to proceed with the following workarounds:

Taking advantage of insights from stakeholder interviews and combining them with quick secondary research

Starting from MVP for informal walkthroughs to get quick and high-level feedback

How the dilemma impacted sports lovers?

From internal stakeholder interviews as well as some quick secondary research, I found that active sports learning dilemma was a two-sided issue for both learners and instructors.

Aubrey Issac

Age                     26
Location            Ottawa, ON
Occupation      Freelance Artist
Personality       Energetic


Has to pay expensive fees to learn and do active sports

It’s hard to accommodate classes into her personal schedules


Find well-vetted local instructors that teach their favorite active sports

Book affordable learning sessions flexibly and securely

Braxton Johnson

Age                     31
Location            Ottawa, ON
Occupation      Swimming Coach
Personality       Friendly


Only earns a small portion of the fee since the major part goes to facilities

Can hardly promote himself to attract learners and make money without facilities


Attract and teach as many learners as possible

Can hardly promote himself to attract learners and make money without facilities

What to achieve as a tech startup?

Working for a startup looking to launch its first product, I found that user demands came from not only product end users but also the company side, with a set of milestones to be achieved during the process.

To deliver a product with high brand trust and customer satisfaction and fulfill revenue goals in a short amount of time

To achieve long-term use of the product by executing a tier-based customer loyalty system with redeeming options


How LearnActive addressed and met user and company goals?

With all the prerequisites collected, I started to map user and company goals to web app features.

How features interrelated with each other as a web app?

I then built a site map with all the features from the previous step transferred into web pages and connected with each other into a web app.

I also drafted a user task flow diagram showcasing how active sports learners and instructors accessed the platform and reached out to each other.


Design responsively...

When visualizing design decisions into mockups, a consideration of both mobile and desktop layouts was prioritized for responsive design.

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Final Product

Find instructors by location + Checkout without redeeming

Find instructors by sports category + Checkout with redeeming


Internal stakeholder insights matter...

Although internal stakeholders may not fully speak for end users, they could potentially have unique insights while articulating initial ideations, which could become precious assets with limited enough access to first-hand user insights.

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